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Lisa Biggs Commercial Demo
Lisa Biggs Commercial Demo
  1. Commercial // Lisa Biggs - Commercial
Lisa Biggs Animation Demo
Lisa Biggs Animation Demo
  1. Animation // Lisa Biggs - Animation
Lisa Biggs Little Boy Demo
Little Boyicon-download
Lisa Biggs Little Boy Demo
  1. Little Boy // Lisa Biggs - Little Boy
Lisa Biggs Little Girl Demo
Little Girlicon-download
Lisa Biggs Little Girl Demo
  1. Little Girl // Lisa Biggs - Little Girl
Lisa Biggs Promo Demo
Lisa Biggs Promo Demo
  1. Promo // Lisa Biggs - Promo
  1. Singing // Lisa Biggs - Singing


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From Tot to Tween & In Between

Lisa Biggs Speaks KID

Lisa Biggs is a full-time professional voice over actor, creator of Voxy Ladies and co-creator of Camp Vox. She’s been lending her unique sound to national campaigns & global brands for more than a decade. From animation studios and big brand ad agencies to toy makers, Lisa’s voice is in demand for A-list clients around the world. You can hear Lisa’s voice in TV promos for Ion Television, running from zombies in Dying Light, whinnying as StarLilly My Magical Unicorn from Hasbro, as Charlie Brown for the Peanuts Franchise and so much more! In 2014 alone, Lisa voiced over half a million words as “Liam” her signature little boy voice, for various global e-learning & narration projects. While Lisa is not behind the microphone, she enjoys making guacamole, snuggling with Banjo, her 75-pound Goldendoodle, and teaching voice acting to a very special group of Camp Vox students through the Frazee Dream Center.

Lisa’s voice has elicited teasing and nicknames like “squeaky” since grade school. Even as a sophomore in college, after giving an oral presentation in sociology class, her professor approached her privately to say, “Your presentation was great, but you know if anybody is going to take you seriously in the real world you’re going to have to do something about your voice”. And that’s exactly what Lisa did…


ActivEd // Bix Pix Entertainment // BugBox Animation // Burger King // Cartoon Network // Cartwheel Kids // Children’s Miracle Network // Disney // Dow // Ecosia // EmberLab // Fisher Price // Hasbro // Hisense // Hyundai // Illustration IT // Impending // ION Television // IVONA // Leap Frog // Magysty Music // Mattel // Meep Beep Productions // Nickelodeon // PBS Sprout // Patches Kids // Patch the Pirate // Pier One // Pocket Zebra Games // Quora // Red Cross // The Tallahassee Memorial Children’s Center // Tin Pot Studios // Toyota // Ubooly // Universal Comedy Network // Yipee Films
& much, much more…

Lisa + Video = ♥

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Lisa is the voice of the little boy AND robot in this animated spot by Ember Lab

Cute or creepy? You decide. Lisa provided the singing and screaming in this promo for Dying Light.

Lisa “monkeying around” with Baby Cuddles at Toys R Us in NYC. Lisa is the voice of Cuddles & eight other Furreal Friends!

Lisa is a regular promo voice for ION Television’s QUBO kids programming

“Liam” is Lisa’s signature boy voice and a regular promo voice for ION Television. Here “he” is voicing a promo for Meteor & the Mighty Monster Trucks.

Lisa voices nine of Hasbro’s Furreal Friends, including Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty!


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Lisa Biggs Commercial Demo
Commercial // Lisa Biggs - Commercial
  1. Commercial // Lisa Biggs - Commercial